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How to Start the Process of Becoming a Driving Instructor - Applying To Join the Register.
Any new candidates will start as a PDI.
What's The Difference Between An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) And a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI)? A PDI is an instructor who’s ‘work is in progress’ and being trained.
Fully qualified instructors are called Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's)
Trainee driving instructors are called Potential Driving Instructors (PDI's)

Applying to join the ADI Register is a 3 part process;

  1. First order an ADI Starter Pack
    In the pack you will receive:
    • a booklet which gives full details of the ADI register and explains the process of becoming a driving instructor and the driving instructor tests that you have to pass,
    • the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT),
    • the ADI question bank (a book containing all of the questions used in the ADI Part One test)
    • an application form (ADI 3).
  2. Once you have received and read the pack and decided that being a driving instructor is for you, you must next obtain a SAP clearance. You must obtain your criminal record check and K53 Municipal Instructors Certificate before submitting your application.
  3. Complete the application form (ADI 3).
    You will also have to provide two character references from people who know you well and who would be prepared to vouch for you if contacted by the Registrar.

Then you sit back and wait to see if you're accepted onto the register and given permission to start the qualification process by applying for the Part One exam...

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