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ADI is the brain child of Gary Clackworthy who in his 35 years in the driver training industry has experienced all the highs and lows that could be encountered even being the crash victim of a over zealous student on the skidpan.
Gary’s passion for driver training and his observations that there was neither an entry opportunity for aspirant instructors nor anyone or any organization that was imposing standards for the industry prompted his establishment of this training body.
Gary’s career bears eloquent testimony to his in depth knowledge and capabilities:

InspectorT BSA Police Driving School - Zimbabwe
Began as a Section Officer and Instructor and was promoted to the post of InspectorT second-in-charge. Responsible for the planning and implementation of the training programmes to accommodate up to 50 police recruits per month and to plan their progress in obtaining their Police drivers licence. Further to plan and implement the advanced specialized training for police officers to gain specialized drivers licences such as highway patrol, urgent response vehicles, Government protection, 4x4, heavy duty and motorcycles.

Institute of Advanced Motorists South Africa
Began as an Instructor and was promoted to the position of Branch Manager and then Alternate Director of the Company.

Audi High Performance Driving Course
Was instrumental in establishing this brand new driver training concept in South Africa. In conjunction with VW/Audi and a Consultant from England selected and trained the first 4 Audi HPDC instructors. Assisted in the management of this new concept and was involved in freelancing until 2006.

This concept grew and BMW South Africa and many other manufactures got involved in this concept due to the great success of this form of driver training and marketing their product.

BMW Advanced Driving

Kyalami International Race Circuit. Johannesburg, South Africa
Was employed as the General/Training Manager of the company. BMW Advanced Driving was in a decline and BMW South Africa was looking for some new direction to ensure the success of the Advanced Driver Training wing of the company. Jointly responsible (with the Marketing Manager) for the general performance and profitability improvement to ensure that BMW remained as one of the leaders in Advanced Driving in South Africa.

Designed new advanced driver training programmes and offered an increase in track and vehicle utilization and different course options within the advanced driving training arena.

Skid Advanced Driver Education
Zwartkops International World of Motoring, Pretoria West, Gauteng, South Africa.
General Manager with total responsibility for all aspects of advanced driver training.

Motive8 Advanced Driving Consultants
Zwartkops International World of Motoring Pretoria West.
Partner, responsible for every aspect except marketing of this small driver education business.

VW Driving Academy
Kyalami International Race Circuit Johannesburg.
Training Manager with total responsibility for the organization training courses and development of successful advanced driver training programmes for the new Golf 5 GTI vehicles.

RAC Driving Solutions – Operations Manager
Responsible for the development and design of all levels of advanced driver training courses and to establish and manage long term contracts with numerous large South African Organizations.
Further responsibility to identify potential driver trainers and to ensure their professional levels of competency is maintained.



Our Pledge

We pledge not to take any short cuts in our direct, effective route through the best training available with our experienced instructors - because for such a responsible job, you’ll need commitment, patience, and empathy and even, occasionally, telepathy. Vitally, you’ll also need unparalleled driving skills and the ability to pass these on to eager but inexperienced pupils.
We can draw out all these qualities in you, whether your career has been in the driving profession or in another area altogether. Job satisfaction for driving instructors is high. You possess skills which it is your role to pass on to someone who needs just those things. And, once trained, the joy of your new career is that hours can be shaped to suit you.
You simply cannot beat the thrill of your first student flying out of their test wearing the grin of success… and we can enable you to achieve this for your pupils, time and time again, as you learn one-on-one teaching techniques for people with hugely different and stimulating personalities.

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