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Will It Cost Me Anything To Register As An ADI?
A nominal charge applies, please enquire for details.

How Long Will My ADI Registration Last?
Your registration will last two years then you will have to undergo another Criminal Record Check and pay the registration fee again.

Is That IT? Am I Qualified For Life Now?

No! In each two year registration period you will also have to undergo at least one "check-test" on the quality of your instruction. This will be performed by an ADI Higher grade driving examiner.
Your first check test is often referred to an "educational" check test and is usually carried out roughly 6 months or so after you qualify. You will receive a grade on this check test - but if do not achieve a grade 4, 5 or 6, then rather than grade you below a 4, the examiner can grade you as "E" to allow for your lack of experience. If you are graded "E", you will be expected to undergo another check test within a short period and it will be graded as below.
You will have to undergo periodic check-tests as long as you are a registered ADI. The frequency between check-tests depends on the grade you achieved on the previous check-test, generally speaking, the higher the grade achieved, the longer the interval between checks. You must however, achieve a grade 4 or above.
If you don't get a standard grade 4 at your check-test, then you will be asked to take another check-test within a certain time limit. These are:

  • grade 3 - further check-test with six months
  • grade 2 - further check-test within two months
  • grade 1 - further check-test within a month
If you're given a grade 1 after three check-tests, you will be formally told that you will be struck off the ADI Register.

How Do I Start Work As A Driving Instructor?
Either freelance for ADI (easiest option while you find your feet), or start up on your own.
If you choose the latter, remember that it will take quite some time for you to gain a reputation, so you will need a means of sourcing pupils.
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