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Vacancies....† Instructors Needed

Please note that ADI is not currently recruiting (as at September, 2010) but we do expect to increase the size of our team again later this year so please do forward your resume (CV) to us, together with a detailed letter explaining why you think you would be suited for the role, if you wish to be considered at the appropriate time.† In the meanwhile, the information below has been left visible on this page to give you some idea of what we do and what we are looking for:

Would you like to be an advanced driving instructor with ADI, and therefore provably one of the safest and very best drivers in Africa?

Due to our growing workload we need more instructors, both in South Africa and the rest of Africa.†

You do NOT already need to be a driving instructor in order to do this work, but you do need to have a calm, likable and professional manner and also be an extremely reliable person.† If that describes you, read on!

Background:† The skills that may be thought of as being true advanced driving are actually quite old. The first generation of what is now known as the "System of Car Control" was introduced way back in 1935, by the police in England, and has been repeatedly developed and enhanced by them since that time. Indeed, the traffic patrol police in Britain have long held the enviable reputation of being the safest, high-speed, public-road drivers in the world. Police officers in the UK who are not traffic patrol officers also get significant training but nowhere near the level reached by their "traffic" colleagues.

Over fifty years ago, in 1955, the same training techniques -- without the "high speed" element, of course -- were made available to all drivers in Britain by two organizations:

  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents "Advanced Drivers Association" [nowadays abbreviated to "RoADA" rather than the older "RoSPA-ADA"]
  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists [IAM]
  • IAM of SA started in Johannesburg in the 1960ís but has since closed down

Now, Advanced Drivers Instructors has brought those same standards for the first time to South Africa to raise the level of Instructor standards in our country.†

It is important for potential instructors to know that true advanced driving skills have little to do with skid pad [a.k.a. "skid pan"] techniques and absolutely nothing to do with learning to swerve left or right at the last minute in order to avoid a real or imaginary collision. Regrettably, research has shown that rather than teach greater safety, such methods can actually result in more, not less, long-term danger for the trainees due to merely boosting overconfidence about one's ability to get out of a crisis!

The fact is that true advanced driving requires extensive training to allow drivers to learn accurately and reliably how to avoid dangers in advance rather than learn techniques by which one can merely try to escape from a crisis that has already started!

(Please note that if you formerly lived in Britain, or other countries offering IAM- or RoSPA-equivalent advanced driving courses -- and you underwent any of those courses -- or you were a UK advanced police driver, we would be particularly keen to hear from you.††

How Can You Participate?†† ADI will be running four-week instructors' courses on dates and in locations yet to be decided.

The first three weeks will focus on advanced driving skills and the final week will take successful trainees towards the highest level of advanced driving instructorship currently available in S.A.

Naturally, it must be stressed that advanced instructors' courses will not involve any speeds in excess of legal limits; these courses are tailored for civilian advanced instructors not high-speed police driving. It is a suitable course for police trainers who are looking for a detailed introduction to the Roadcraft method of advanced driving, but our need for additional ADI instructors is such that they must be given priority over law enforcement personnel at this moment in time.

A maximum of three suitable applicants will be accepted to attend these courses, on a first-come-first-served basis. Preference will be given to individuals who wish to work full-time for ADI, immediately following the course.

For details of the cost of the course and of the subsequent, long-term opportunity with ADI, please e-mail me at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include daytime and evening telephone numbers at which you may be contacted, together with brief details of your background and the reasons you think you would be suitable for this specialized work.

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