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 These are a few Testimonials that we have received from some of our newly quailified Instructors.


"Firstly, let me congratulate you on a fantastic idea that has evolved
into what it is today, RAC.
Your course on defensive driving is accurate & to the point, & it delivers
results if you enforce it on your own style. I can vouch for this as I've
been using it & I definitely feel the difference in my driving. As for the
instructors course (ADI), I feel that if it wasn't for the level of
expertise that Roche exhibited throughout my training, it would have taken
much more intervention from Gary, to get me to the level that is required to
be an instructor. I firmly believe that Roche is a vital component in this
company & would be extremely honored to work along side him. The course
content is fulfilling & very thought-out. I believe that every detail of
every aspect regarding this course is ample & is of a very high standard.
Congratulations again & please make sure that Roche gets a "BIG UP" from me.

Kind regards & until the next time,

Miguel da Costa."
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