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Road safety in South Africa is non-existent and much effort is directed by well meaning organizations to improve the standard of driving has limited success. The introduction by several motor manufacturers of Advanced Driver training operations has also met with mixed results due in part to the ‘objectives of the programs’ and in certain instances the limited understanding of the skills needed of the instructor’s ability to communicate these standards to those participating.
Access to this industry is somewhat limited as there has been no formal training, to speak of, which would grant access to a company or organization which could offer regular interesting work opportunities.

Where there has been new entrants into the industry they have gained access by way of a progression from K53 or alternatively racing drivers who have spare time and capacity. Neither of these entities necessarily guarantees that the person has the ability to instruct nor for that matter a passion for instructing others in the “art” of advanced driving!
To be a good instructor requires not only an intimate knowledge of the subject but also necessitates that the individual must be able to communicate such knowledge in a manner that is both memorable and enjoyable.
No standard has – until now – been available for individuals and organisations to independently assess the capabilities of an instructor with regard to:

  • Presentation skills
  • Interaction with students
  • Ability to disseminate knowledge
  • Providing meaningful feedback
  • Being a suitable role model
ADI as an independent body has established a standard to which all aspirants, and existing instructors, should be measured against in all the disciplines of advanced driver training which include amongst others:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Skid control
  • Precision Driving
  • Anti Hijack Training
  • Executive Protection
  • Offensive Driving
  • Hi Performance
  • Convoy
  • Product launches
  • Heavy Commercial vehicles

Why organizations support ADI

Since there are limited controls in the industry government will be lobbied to ensure that only recognized certified instructors may operate in the driver training industry. In other words an instructor or company may not use the services of an instructor without ADI membership.
Corporations, in a contracting economy will inevitably outsource their training operations as customers will have training limited to “product knowledge” and the balance paid for by the customer.
Organisations booking instructors with ADI will be guaranteed the best possible person for the job, one who will have been trained in all aspects of instruction as well as ones who would have been certified as:
  • Medically fit
  • Skilled to a specific level
  • As having suitable indemnity cover
  • Is trained in customer relations &
  • Suitably represents the brand both with regard to knowledge and grooming
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