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As an industry there is no representation for those who operate as instructors. As a result instructor’s ability to obtain work is governed to a great extent by those in control of Companies which provide   training for and on behalf of motor vehicle manufacturers, corporate clients and other institutions.
The seasonal nature of the work also renders instructors vulnerable to being without work (and therefore money) at critical times of the year.
ADI, as a provider of instructors, guarantees that those who qualify have obtained a level of excellence which will make them highly sought after in the industry thus ensuring higher earning potential and being retained for more lucrative contracts.
ADI will in addition provide entry for aspirant instructors which, should they qualify will enable them, to build successively on each level of instructional expertise till they are Expert Drivers – a professional driver in every sense of the word.
ADI is especially suited to those currently operating as instructors as they will, when qualified, feature on the ADI website with their level of instructional skill. This exposure will ensure that organizations who demand the best will nominate those whom they wish to represent their product and/or organization.

In addition instructors registered with ADI:
  • Can give each driver training organization guaranteed quality instructors.
  • Offer graded and trained instructors and can place them in various driver training companies at a daily booking rate.
  • Have guaranteed start-up bookings for ADI instructors via existing contracts.
  • Guarantee Quality of instructor training at all levels who can then offer them future work.
  • Have independent monitoring and maintaining of instructor standards to ensure highest level of training and hence customer support.
  • A centralized independent booking facility for all companies.
  • Grading of instructors and standardised pay rates to all organizations.
  • Offer instructors varying types of work and not the daily grind of the same course.
  • Offer a nationally recognized qualification.
  • Work opportunities in Africa and other countries.
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